Prize Winning Honey [ 8. Sep. 2016 - 18:59]
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May Fair 2016 [ 5. May. 2016 - 17:38]
Keith Camchuk kindly sent us these photos from the May Fair.

Wassail 2016 [16. Jan. 2016 - 18:51]
Feast your eyes on the beautiful photos taken by Gierran Jameson at the 2016 Wassail. 

Award winning bees [30. Oct. 2015 - 11:10]
We are thrilled to be able to tell you that Pickering Road Community Orchard bees have helped to win a national award.

Wendy Maslin is the apiarist who cares for our bee hives.  She entered the National Honey  Show  in Surrey and won prizes for Honey, Wax and Cakes. 

Congratulations to Wendy and all of her bees for doing such a great job against all odds. 
A New Mural [17. Aug. 2015 - 10:44]
We feel very honoured.  A mural, which depicts the orchard through the seasons, is being painted as I write.  It is a community effort so lots of people are involved apart from the qualified community artists Valerie Reynolds and Nancy Wilson.  When the mural is complete it will be attached to the side of one of the portacabins. 

Here is a sneak preview.

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